Thursday, January 4, 2007

Starting out -- Preparation Scots

Getting ready

Okay – so I am going to the UK. Scotland to be specific, with a quick side-trip to London. I have never been there. I received an invitation from a friend named Shoshana (also known as Rowan in some blogcircles) and decided to take her up on it. It was a bit of a risk, as we have been writing to each other, but have not met face to face. Rowan calls us pen-friends, although it is more like cyber-pen-friends. I have always wanted to visit Scotland, and Rowan is one of the people in this world who can make me laugh until I am in tears. That, coupled with a great airfare, led me to this adventure. I will be staying at her house for much of my stay. It will be interesting to see what the small differences are between the US and the UK. I hope that we don’t hate each other after five minutes.

My sister helped me pack and was ruthless. Everyone needs someone to say that you only need five pairs of socks. She allowed me three pairs of pants. She kept plucking things out of my suitcase unless I had a good rationale for the item. I felt a bit guilty sneaking in an extra black t-shirt. I would have packed stuff that I did not need without her. I would also still be home, surrounded by a pile of stuff, with a dazed look on my face. I will rent her out for a small fee – she is a brilliant packer. I still brought too many books, however.

My husband says that all I need is a credit card and a passport, because they have stores in Scotland. Thus speaks a man who does not know that you have to try on 15 pairs of jeans to get one that fits right.

Rule for packing #1

You have to carry everything that you pack.

Rule for packing #2

Little things add up.

Rule for packing #3
No one will know if you wear the same color every day. They are strangers.

The night before I leave I cannot sleep. I worry and I go over my mental list -- passport, plane tickets, phone, phone charger, wallet. I know that I will forget something important because I always do, despite the fact that I make exhaustive lists. Once I left the entire toiletries bag behind. If that is all I leave behind, I will be grateful.

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