Saturday, November 24, 2007

Why do we love technology?

Because it is how you keep transatlantic friendships going ...

Well, I promised you a Rowan post, but this isn't it. This is a bit of a montage ... sort of. Her stravaig to Aberdour is on the way, but I thought I would just get these up because I liked them.

When Rowan and I first began talking to each other, it was via email. She sent me one of her signature e-mails. She writes in a rapid-fire manner, and I was immediately charmed by her writing. It was dense, deft, and funny. Really funny.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Unfortunately, she lives in Scotland and I live in Southern California. So, we have to use the Internetz to communicate. We often email pictures back and forth. Well, she emails more pictures than I do, but that is because my husband is a camera-hog. Sending pictures back and forth is like being pen-pals (Rowan would say pen-friends), but better.

While we were stravaigin aboot London, Rowan began to mourn the fact that her old camera was defunct. We looked for one while we were down near the Tower of London, and when we went to Asda in Dundee, but she did not find one to her liking. After I came home, she found one that is acceptable and sends me pictures now and again.

So, I thought I would put up some of the pictures that Rowan has sent me since our stravaig, as I think you will like them too. If I was better organized, I would find a couple that I really like and seem to have misplaced. Sigh.

And I am not sure that these are in chronological order. But here goes.

Rowan went to the beach and took a picture of this fabulous jellyfish, because she knows that I love them.

This cracks me up, because when I first met her, she had lost her cellphone and was sort of dismissive of the whole notion. She got a new Vario and is clearly enamored with it. This is a great picture.

This is the stained glass from Ninewells Hospital. Hospitals in the US don't generally have great stained glass.

She took pictures while out and about one day and liked this dog. She was a little anxious that the owner take it amiss that she took a picture of the dog. However, it is a great dog, is it not?

Rowan and I both love rhyming slang. She is much better at it. I just like the idea.

From Wikipedia ...
Traditional Cockney rhyming slang works by taking two words that are related through a short phrase and using the first word to stand for a word that rhymes with the second. For instance, the most popular of these rhyming slang phrases used nationwide is probably "telling porkies" meaning "lies" as "pork pies" rhymes with lies. Also "boat" meaning "face" as "boat race" rhymes with face. Similarly "plates" meaning "feet" ("plates of meat"), and bread means "money" (bread and honey).

So she sent me this picture of an optical shop, which is pretty funny.

She also sends me Lena Art, which is excellent and well-worth viewing. It's a virtual refrigerator!

Great detail, isn't it?

This is a pie shop in Dundee, which is just the kind of picture that I like. Great picture, no? Mmmmm ... pies.

A picture in the country ... In Scotland, they don't have wooden fences, remember?

A walk on the wild side.

A day at the beach this summer. I like this picture a lot. Do you remember Broughty Ferry? This is what it looked like this summer. Note the lack of gale-force winds and predatory swans.

This is another beach. I think it was Easthaven. But I don't know where that is.

I think this is where Rowan was playing with her zoom, I think.

A day at the garden center ... very pretty. She knows that I like pictures of flowers.

And a day in Dundee at an outdoor market. I think she called it a German market, like the Christmas ones. Rowan, are German markets specifically for outdoor markets around Christmas or anytime?

All I could think is that you probably would not see this in the US.

She got a nice picture of a wedding, with the groom on a white horse. The colors are great. I liked the fact that I recognized the locale, as well.

Not a common sight in Southern California, but weddings are nice. It made me wish I could see the whole ceremony.

And just because it would make me laugh, this headline.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just a heads up ...

before I finish Rowan's latest submission ...

Anyway, If you want to see what my husband has been up to, go to

He has the Halloween costume up -- he and my oldest son did a great job, in my opinion ...

Still working on Rowan's summer travels. She sent me some great pictures, and I want to get them up soonly.